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Workshop Sessions


1. (Ladies) “Walking in Serenity and Joy” by Anna Miller (KS)

"Not by might nor by power, but by my Spirit says the Lord of Hosts" (Zech. 4:6 NKJV). Let us gather to share our hearts and our journeys! In seeking and in sharing, may we find refreshment, renewed hope, and joy as we learn from life lessons.


2. “The Pitfalls of Higher Education for Anabaptist Youth” by Crit Lapp and Paul Emerson

Conservative Anabaptists have bled their finest generations out into the Evangelical world through the portal of higher education. This workshop is designed to warn and give helpful hints to avoid such hemorrhages.


3.  “Missions Faith Giving” by Mark Schlabach (PA)

Empowering missionaries by implementing a missions giving program in our local churches, whereby we join God's heart for impacting the lost for eternity.


4. “Reflections on Ten Years Overseas” by E. Miller (Asia)

What happens when a young man with high ideals moves overseas with his family and there discovers his own limitations, Christ's provisions, and the realities of life, ministry, and the call of Christ? While this talk is set in an international context, many of the lessons will be encouraging to pastors and others in ministry wherever they serve.


5. “The Pastor's Prayer Life” by Floyd Helmuth (IA)

The power of the Pastor’s personal prayers and the power of a praying congregation. “We will give ourselves continually to prayer and the ministry of the Word.” Acts 6:4

6. “Techno Dangers for Pastors” by Sam Gingerich (PA)

Today we are all digital all the time. We need to assess our relationship with technology and what it is doing to us, relationally, spiritually and to our brains. We will look at risk factors for digital addictions and what some of the latest research is telling us.

7. “Pastors Building Relationships Within the Congregation”       by Calvin Weber (AB)

Our effectiveness as ministers depends largely on how we relate to the brothers and sisters in the Lord. We will be looking at our God-given expectation for what is required of us as leaders and then learning practical ways on building relationships within the congregation.

8. “The NT Believer and His Relationship with the OT” by           John Ivan Byler (VA).

Since we see the New Testament as normative for Christian faith and life, what should be our attitude and understanding of the Old Testament with its laws and directives? What do we do with these laws in this age of grace? In this workshop we will discover a God-given directive to keep us from two opposing extremes: holding all the OT laws as binding for Christians versus disregarding the OT as irrelevant for those living in grace.

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