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Please Note: Workshops will be repeated in the second session.

1. Genesis: Hath God Said? - Keith Bucher (IN)

Genesis is foundational to our understanding of the Bible. If Christians are not anchored to the truth of God’s revelation in Genesis, they will be unable to stand against the attacks of our postmodern society.

In this workshop, the perils of combining the secular views of origins with the Biblical record will be discussed.

2. From Whence Cometh My Help? - Aaron Beery (IN)

Over the last few years, Anabaptists have encouraged openness and transparency in their congregations; however, there still seems to be a missing component. People today are more willing to discuss their problems than in the past, while at the same time, are unprepared to give counsel to others, causing those in need to turn to the secular community for help.

In this breakout session, we will look at how the church can be equipped to provide Gospel-centered and Biblically-based counsel.

3. Resolving Conflicts - Jay Laughman (PA)

One of the most important skills for leaders, though sadly, too often neglected, misunderstood, or even attempted, is conflict resolution. The ability to lead two opposing parties to peaceful and mutual acceptance, understanding, and cooperation, is an essential part of effective and godly leadership.

In this workshop we will discuss a "Five Step Pattern for Resolving Conflict" that can be applied to tensions within the church, family or community.

4. New Apostolic Reformation - Leon Yoder (IN)

The New Apostolic Reformation (NAR) is a large non-denominational movement with Pentecostal and Charismatic beginnings but has elements of other previous movements within, such as Word of Faith (Prosperity), Signs & Wonders, Latter Rain, etc. This large and fast growing movement is having a huge influence, even in our conservative Anabaptist circles.

In the two aspects of this workshop we will first explain the core beliefs and dynamics behind the NAR, including five-fold ministry, dominionism, 7 mountain mandate, kenosis, kundalini effects, healings, etc. and will provide some resources for further study. The second aspect will focus on understanding the appeal of this movement. How do we respond to this within the church? What are the biblical doctrines that this teaching undermines?

5. Helping Missionaries in the Reentry Process - Henry Blank (NYC)

Leaving the mission field and returning home can be a traumatic event. Return missionaries need discerning and caring people around them to help them navigate the challenges of re-entry. 

We'll examine some of the major challenges that return missionaries face and some practical ways churches and individuals can come alongside them.

6. Seeing Mission Opportunities Close Home - Rod Schwartz (PA)

Growing up I often left a missions presentation feeling challenged and even guilty that I was not living a missional life, simply because I was home.

In this workshop we will look at what God has called each of us to do and be, and what His heart is for local missions. I will be sharing my testimony of how God taught me to look locally and how in that He raised up a thriving Spanish church and Christian day school in the ‘hood’ of Harrisburg. It started with my wife and me seeking God in the upper room of our ‘Jerusalem’.

7. Planning for Missions Giving in the Local Church - Bob Kauffman (PA)

Generous mission giving is one evidence that a church is alive and growing. A planned mission giving focus and vision inspires our church members to generously support missionaries and mission organizations. Is your church known as a mission supporting church?

In this workshop we will look at tools that various churches are using to promote mission giving.

8. Effective Personal Communication - Bob Webb (NC)

Good communication is critical to healthy relationships, whether in secular, family, or church situations.

This workshop is designed to increase your effectiveness in communicating with others in a meaningful way. (Time permitting, we will do some role playing to emphasize several points in good communication.)

9. Ladies: Laying up Treasure - Deborah Blank (NYC)

As children of God we need to have purpose in how we live our lives. It's easy to go through life from one good thing to the next, but how can we know that what we are doing is truly laying up treasure in heaven? Let's explore how to lay up treasure, not only in what we do, but also in our speech and in our minds.

10. Ladies: Feelings, Facts, Faith - Lois Peachy (VA)

As women we often make decisions based on our feelings. Those decisions can have long-term effects. Eve followed her feelings and plunged all of creation into a downward spiral that still affects us today. Esther, on the other hand, looked at facts, put her feelings aside, and by faith did what she needed to do and saved Israel from certain genocide. Since our Messiah was later born of Israel, we're still affected by that decision, too. How do we as women control our feelings and by faith act according to truth?

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