Donations via Check by Mail

Instructions for Donations via Check by Mail

to Biblical Mennonite Alliance

Mail the needed information listed :

     a. Your name, address, and phone number 
     b. Designate the fund or project on the memo line of your check.

         ___ DestiNations International

         ___ General Fund

         ___ Elnora Bible Institute, Operating

         ___ Elnora Bible Institute, Capital Fund

         ___ Mexico Church

         ___ Mexico Orphanage

         ___ Mexico Orphanage, Capital Fund

         ___ Mexico Orphan Support, child's name if you have it

         ___ Ministry Training Center

         ___ DNI Personnel Support, list name

         ___ DNI Personel Support, undesignated name

         ___Voluntary Ministry Committee

Mail to: 

Biblical Mennonite Alliance

PO Box 218

Elnora, IN 47529

Other Donation Options: 

"...that the

world through

Him might be


John 3:17

Church Planter's Institute

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