DNI Projects And Needs

DestiNATIONS International's current projects are listed here. Maybe you could be the one to make one of these DNI projects possible. At the bottom of the page is information about how to donate.

New York City

A Building for Mission Training Center
Purchase of a building for the Mission Training Center in NYC for training workers for missions.
Estimated cost: $1,000,000 ~  funds remaining yet to raise:  $450,000


Materials for a Greenhouse
We hope to help three families build greenhouses each year.
Approximate cost per unit: $500

Ice Hockey Equipment
We need 15 full sets equipment at an approximate of $200 per player. 
Approximate cost per unit: $200   Approximate total coast: $3,000

Bible Study Materials
An additional hockey team will include Bible study time. Also Bible study materials are needed for other new believers.
Approximate cost: $100 – $200

Mexico Church Plant

Benches or Chairs
Approximate cost: $15/chair,  $75/bench

Mexico Orphanage

New kitchen utensils - $1,000

Orphanage child support $100 - $500 (or any amount)
Used to help cover the orphanage operational expenses that still aren't being covered by the "Sponsor-a-Child" program.

Adopt a Child
For further information click here  or contact Lenn Miller at 


Ministry Center
The ministry center provides a place to enter lives of families through vegetable distribution, used clothing distributions and English classes. On a typical week 150-300 individuals will pass through the center. This facility will free Tice’s home for more personal interactions.
Cost of facility:   $400 per month

Los Angeles, California

Evening Bible Camp
Cost for hosting teachers, supplies, transportation, park reservation for two weeks in the summer.
Approximate cost: $3000-3500

College Debt Assistance Fund

The College Debt Assistance Fund is designed to help DNI workers with college debt so they can begin serving in missions before being required to first pay off all their debt.

Donate to DNI Projects

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For additional information about DNI or DNI projects, please contact:

Allen Roth, DNI President

Phone: 718-827-1036

Cellphone: 917-617-6358

E-mail: destinationsint@gmail.com

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