2017 BMA Convention
Workshop Introductions

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1.  Women: “Educating ourselves and our children about Sexual Abuse” - Lois Miller (OH)

There is a need to educate ourselves and our children. What is it? How can it occur,and who does the abusing?

  • Proper touching.
  • Signs to raise suspicions.
  • How a child is groomed for abuse.
  • How a child should respond.
  • Strategies a predator may use.
  • List of resources for more information.

2.  Women: “How Does Your Garden Grow?” - Cindy Long (DE)

Practical steps to cultivating the soil of your heart for spiritual growth.

3.  “Rx for Spiritual Illiteracy” - EBI Staff & Alumni

This workshop will explore what we as biblical Anabaptists must be doing to address the increasing lack of understanding concerning Bible knowledge and practice. Many of our people are not aware of basic Bible facts, people, and principles. How can we encourage an appetite for the Bible and resultant applications? We claim to be a “back to the Bible” movement but are we? This workshop will focus on the problem and biblical solutions.

4.  “Procedures for Church Discipline” - Ed Meyers (PA)

The goal of this workshop is to discuss the “nuts and bolts” and “how to” of church discipline in a congregational setting. We will look at the pertinent scriptures and discuss how these principles might be applied in a typical situation. We will discuss questions like, “When and how should we go to our brother who has offended us?”

5.  “Discipling New Believers & Follow up Resources” - Nelson Gehman (PA)

Not everything we need to know about the Christian Life is on our phones. As leaders, we should encourage personal growth and a love for the Word at an early age. Introducing sound learning habits and skills are foundational to a healthy church.

6.  “Selecting and Equipping Church Leaders” - Jay Laughman (PA)

We will be looking at various methods of identifying leadership within the church, the selection process and what that looks like, discernment vs. the lot, and personal call vs. the call through the Church. We will also talk about how to better equip our leaders so that they can be successful in their ministry.

In this discussion, we envision having an open format where participants can ask questions and share from their experiences as well.

7.  “Witnessing Practicum” - Richard Newswanger and Mark Schlabach

The Witnessing Practicum is a workshop where we divide up into twos, spend some time praying and then go out on the streets looking for one person to share the Gospel with.

8.  “Challenges and Rewards of Muslim Ministry” - DNI Spain Team

This workshop will consist of a panel discussion by members of the DNI Spain and Africa teams. The panel will share from their life experiences, challenges they face, and joys they encounter in ministry to Muslims. There will be opportunity for questions from the audience.

9.  “Why I am Grateful for Biblical Counseling” - The Ministry of Free Indeed, Manny Zook, (PA)

Today much of what is labeled as “Christian counseling” is often heavily integrated and influenced by secular psychological theories that subtly distract from the Biblical message of repentance of sins and the Gospel. In addition, the Bible is often deemed as not being fully sufficient to solve the modern man’s problems.

It is our goal to encourage all Christians to become better equipped to speak Biblical truth into the lives of those they are called to walk beside.

10.  “Ministry to the Deaf” - Joel Reed (PA)

Deaf culture is the third largest unreached people group in the world!!!! And it could be right in your backyard!!! Deaf Ministry workshop will focus on learning about Deaf Culture and the challenges of reaching out to them.

My name is Joel Reed, I have been deaf since birth. Sign language is my first and preferred language. My wife Emily is hearing but also fluent in sign language. She has been signing since she was 2 yrs old!!! She will voice for me. Come ready to learn and ask questions.....

11.  “Report on Cambodia” - DNI Cambodia Team

In this workshop we would like to give an in-depth update on the last 2.5 years of our life as a team in Cambodia. We also plan to share our vision for the future of our team as well as our current needs.

12.  Challenges and Opportunities in Greece” - Eric Kleinsasser (MB)

Chaos has engulfed the Middle East. Hundreds of thousands of Muslim refugees have swept into Europe challenging Western politics and policies. Greece has been the Gateway for refugees entering Europe. In the midst of all this Muslims are asking questions they have never asked before and many are finding Christ. This challenge engulfing Europe could be the greatest missional opportunity to reach Muslims of our time.

13.  EBI Choir Rehearsal” - Lyle Stutzman (IN)

Although not a workshop, the EBI Choir will rehearse during this period.

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