2018 BMA Convention
Workshop Introductions

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1.  Women: “Grief, Surrender, Healing” - Dorita Gehman (PA)

In our story and journey of grief there are valuable lessons for others to glean and to learn how to help others. I also want to share about the exceptional love and care we have felt from our home church, far beyond words.

2.  “Examining the Resurrection” - Daniel Yoder (IN)

The resurrection of Jesus Christ is the linchpin of the Christian faith. That may be why the the resurrection has been frequently attacked. This workshop will consider the evidence which supports the resurrection and briefly point out the bankruptcy of the alternative theories which attempt to explain away the resurrection.

3.  “Networking During College” - Delmar Oberholtzer (DE)

Most people who attend college would agree that the experience is one that changes a person's life. Unfortunately, those changes have the potential to drive a wedge between a student and their church, family, or community.

We will examine how college students and the church can both be proactive in addressing the spiritual and social challenges that can arise when a young person decides to attend college. Open to any person who is friends with, knows, is related to, might become, or is a college student.

4.  “Becoming Effective Youth Leaders” - Doran Gingerich (OH)

How do we effectively lead one of the most vital parts of the church? What are some keys to being an effective youth leader? Together we will answer and discuss those questions. I’d also like to briefly consider the organization of and purpose for a youth group.

5.  “Eldercare—Caring for the Caregiver” Warren & Sheila Gingerich (MI)

A time of encouragement for those in the midst of caring for elderly family members or others. We will spend time sharing stories and God’s word, and praying for each other. Those who have a word of encouragement for caregivers are also welcome.

6.  “Lessons Learned as a Church Planter” -Richard Newswanger (PA)

I will be sharing some practical aspects of church planting:

  1.  Is church planting Biblical?
  2. Some ideas on helping a church catch the vision for church planting.
  3. Some positive results of a church doing a church plant.
  4. Some steps on how to proceed with a church plant.

7.  “Witnessing Practicum” - Mark Schlabach (PA) & Clyde Byler (OH)

We will be spending time in the local community looking for divine appointments to advance the Kingdom of God here on this earth. Come ready to love, share and see what God will do through you.

8.  “The Potential of Savings Groups in Missions" - Merle Burkholder (ON)

Christ-centered, church-based savings groups provide a place for people to get together and save money. In some groups they make loans to each other with their own money. Most groups meet weekly. The group meetings are an excellent platform for teaching, evangelism, and the development of a faith community.

At this workshop we will discuss the inter-relationship between church planting and economic development. We will discuss how savings groups provide the platform for discussion about the restoration of relationships, the forming of community, and the spiritual, social, and economic advancement of the individual  and the community.

9.  “What is God Doing in the Refugee Crisis?” - Eric Kleinsasser (NYC)

God is at work in the midst of the influx of refugees into Europe. War and crisis have displaced thousands individuals from unreached people groups from across the globe. Many are finding their way into Europe through the refugee road starting in Greece. Will the Church respond to the call of God to minister to those who have never heard the name of Jesus?

10.  “Southeast Asia: The Golden Opportunity” - Lavon L. Slabaugh (SE Asia)

Over the last seventy years the country called “The Golden Land” has been filled with oppression of the poor, civil unrest, genocide, and corruption. God has been steadily building His Church there. The doors of opportunity are wide open for God’s people to work alongside local believers in reaching the unreached. What does this Golden Opportunity look like? Come and find out!

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