2019 BMA Convention
Workshop Introductions

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1. Women: “Redemptive Ministry to Survivors of Sexual Trauma” - Kate Kleinsasser (NYC)

How to identify and understand survivors of sexual trauma, responding in hope of full restoration and healing through Jesus and His people.

2. Women: “Living Out My Identity in Christ” - Leanna Unger (OK)

You may always have believed the basics at the foundation of Christianity. But is God really there for ME and has He forgiven MY sins? As women, we tend to judge our relationship with God by our feelings and emotions. What if those feelings are often missing? Is God still there for me?

3. “Modest Living” - Dave Yoder (DE)

How should the Christian navigate the cultural maze of instant gratification, self exaltation, latest gadgetry and fads, and the all-encompassing American dream? The empty excesses of our pleasure-crazed culture enticingly peel away the biblical fabric of modest living, but gratefully, though disdained by many, there remains a simple yet freeing journey for the person who tires of the glamour of the facades that society embraces.

4. “Anabaptists and Evangelicals—Similarities & Differences” - Dan Ziegler

Evangelical culture and theology is a pervasive force within American Christianity, and its influence reaches well into our Anabaptist circles - with mixed results. Join us as we discuss the common ground between Evangelicalism and Anabaptism, and as we explore important differences that, if not understood, can threaten some of the core principles of our Anabaptist witness.

5. “Embracing the Way of Love” - Andy Rutt (PA)

Applying Christ's radical love in the form of non-resistance on the issues of military service, an intruder at the door, and your cranky neighbor next door."

6. “Comparing Our Faith With Other Faiths” - Henry Blank (NYC)

You’ve probably heard the statement “all religions are basically the same; they are just different roads leading to the same destination.” We’ll talk about how to respond to that statement. We’ll attempt to demonstrate how the Christian faith is unique among the world religions and give a defense for the exclusive claim that Jesus Christ is the only way.

7. “Stories of Faith” - Leon Martin (PA)

Leon will tell documented stories of individuals who endured ultimate hardship rather than deny their Lord. His stories will cover a span of nearly 2,000 years and will show that ordinary people must have a conviction to remain firm in their faith. The workshop will be inspirational and be an encouragement for us to remain committed to our Lord Jesus Christ.

8. “Reaching Out Locally” - Rich Schwartz (NYC)

“You shall be witnesses to me,” said Jesus in Acts 1:8 as he looked around at his disciples and followers. He then ascended into heaven. Jesus said that this “witness” mandate would happen after they receive power from the Holy Spirit, and they would be witnesses in Jerusalem, Judea, Samaria, and to the uttermost parts of the earth. We need to grow in obeying the Holy Spirit’s promptings to be witnesses to Jesus in the “Jerusalem” of our local communities. If we are not witnesses, do we lack power? If we lack power, where is the fullness of the Holy Spirit?

9. “Lessons from Ministry Among the First Nations” - Wayne Schrock (VA)

“In this workshop we will look at some of the historical roots and cultural values of First Nations people and consider some of the unique challenges that present themselves in ministering the Gospel to them.”

10. “Witnessing Practicum” - Clyde Byler (OH), Joe Peachey (VA)

Jesus called us to share the Gospel, but many of us find it difficult to actually do it! This workshop will include a brief orientation, and then we will go “off campus” to share the Gospel with others, through going door to door and/or talking with people in public places.

11. “A Refugee Story from South Asia” - Zach

Come and hear about what is currently one of the largest refugee crises in the world and a little of what God is doing to redeem the brokenness and pain of these dear people. Join us for some time of prayer as well.

12. “Revealing Truth to a Seeking World” - Les Ebersole (Mongolia)

The challenge of working with youth and teaching character sent me searching the Word. I began reading Proverbs and could not put it down. God’s Word provides the answers the world is seeking, if only they will believe!

13. EBI Choir Rehearsal – Lyle Stutzman

14. “Why Followers of Jesus are persecuted in the Muslim World” – Yasir Makki (Sudan)

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