2016 Convention Workshop Introductions

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1.  Women: “Don't Get Used to the Dark” -Sharon Miller (ON)

Mainstream society is living in a world of “me, myself, and I”! Jesus asked us in Romans not to live conformed to this world but transformed by the renewing of our minds. How do we, as Anabaptist women in today’s society, live a life that portrays honor and glory to God?

2.  Women: “Dealing with Depression” -Gail Emerson (IN)

"Precise and correct definitions are critical in almost every endeavor. The medical community's definition for depression is based on subjectivity. It uses individual criteria for the diagnosis and assumes that if a person meets enough criteria, the diagnosis of depression is a given." (Halla)

The aforementioned criteria is made up of bad feelings and feeling-directed behavior. The biblical Anabaptist approach seeks to deal with the root of the bad feelings rather than merely dealing with symptoms.

"The Bible is the believer's tool--his scalpel--that addresses the heart of the matter: the person's view of God, himself, and his motivation for responding to situations, people, and ultimately to God". (Halla)

While the above does not deny the reality of bad feelings it does drive us to use God's Word first as we minister to the whole person.

3.  “Presenting the Gospel—Jerusalem vs. Corinth” -Daniel Pollard (NYC)

Sometimes we share our faith from within our "Church Bubble". When we are trying to reach the unchurched, whether our neighbor next door, our co-workers, or the Maasai tribe in Kenya, finding common ground is key. We must capture people's attention first by finding their needs and filling it with Jesus.

Let's explore together how we, as a Church, can communicate better with people from all walks of life and share our stories with them by adapting our story to our audience.

4.  “Implementing Biblical Theology in Church Life” -Steve Byler (VA)

What is the Bible about? Every time you say, "The Bible teaches...." you are asserting your theology. Theology matters because we all have a view of God and some of these views fit what the Bible teaches and some do not.

We will look at some of the tools a church can deploy to strengthen our grasp of the Bible so that it effectively informs our thinking and shapes our work.

5.  “How the Gospel Produces Purity” -Tim Weaver (Fresh Start, IN)

Naturally, the term PURITY readily brings to mind the concept of Moral or Sexual Purity, though PURITY can apply to many facets of our lives, thoughts, actions & relationships.

In this Workshop, we will briefly outline the problem, explore some causes as related to the Lack of Purity, and then zero in on the concept of Overcoming Impurity by the Power of the Gospel. We will focus on overcoming the selfish nature of our hearts, get a glimpse of true brokenness & surrender at the foot of the Cross, and discover how to live the life of MERCY!

In a world of Information Overload, we need more than just Information. Our problem is not a Lack of Knowledge. Our Problem is a lack of living out what the Bible teaches. Join with us as we explore some of the tools that EMPOWER you & me to “live out” the Word of God, rising in Victory over sin.

6.  “Healthy Anabaptist Families” -Charles & Cretora Kline (MD)

Can Christ, calcium, and cough drops be encapsulated into one easy-to-swallow tablet that would prevent disease from rooting itself in your family?

7.  “Witnessing Practicum” -Elvin Martin (SC) & Clarence Miller (OH)

There will be a short classroom session introducing witnessing practices and then we will go into the community to to share our faith!

8.  “Caring for Single Ladies in Missions” -Henry & Deborah Blank (NYC), Lula Miller(OH), & Rhoda Peachey (VA)

Single ladies on the mission field face unique challenges that can be easily overlooked by missions committees and sending churches. Our purpose is to help sending churches understand the needs of single women on the mission field and provide practical input on how to care for them on the field, during home assignments, and during re-entry.

9.  “Adoption: Picking up the Scattered Arrows” -Lenn Miller (MX) and Davy Mast (SC)

In the workshop, we plan to talk about some misconceptions related to adopting including defining success vs. failure.

10.  “Language Learning: The How's and Why's” -Ryan Yoder (Spain)

I suspect language learning is seen by many as that thing other people do that’d be kind of cool, but we have no idea how to do it. “Language Learning: The How's and Why’s” aims to give a comprehensive analysis of key points useful to language learning. We’ll discuss different learning techniques for languages at different stages of development (specifically Biblical Greek, Spanish and PA Dutch). Importantly, we’ll talk about how language learning isn't the realm of geniuses but of the persistent. I'll also note a few books and learning tools that I have found helpful.

11.  “Building Trust Within Your Leadership Team” -Norman Miller (ON)

We will cover the stages of team development and discover the importance of trusting relationships in leadership teams. Let's explore together the types of actions that build and tear down trusting relationships in teams.

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