2021 BMA Convention
Workshop Introductions

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1. Women: “Understanding & Caring for our Missionaries Throughout the Re-entry Process” – Donna Yoder (PA)

As we joyfully welcome home loved ones from years of missionary service, we can sometimes struggle to understand their need for adjustment, and we can wonder how to best "be there" for them. By reflecting on personal experience and the experiences of others, we will explore this need for adjustment and provide some practical "do's" and "don'ts" for walking along side those going through the re-entry process.

2. Women: “Bringing Christopher Home: The Miracle of Adoption” - Cheryl Sensenig (PA)

This is the story of God miraculously bringing a lonely Russian orphan to a loving family in 2007. It’s a story of miracles, faith, and God’s heart for orphans. Sheldon & Cheryl Sensenig currently have eight children, three of whom are adopted.

3. “Non-resistance as a Life-style” – Charles Kline (MD)

  • A positive command
  • A pronounced lifestyle
  • A powerful testimony

4. “Joy in the Spiritual Disciplines” – Bob Miller (FL)

On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself in the area of Spiritual Disciplines: Bible reading, prayer, fasting, …? For you, are these exercises a “have to” or a “want to”? Is the Lord satisfied with your level of discipline in spiritual exercises? Join us to look at Jesus’ words in scripture.

5. “Reflections on Church Planting in Mexico” - Loren Yoder (PA)

One reason to learn from the past is to be more prepared for the future. In this workshop, I plan to share some of the lessons that I learned from the years of church planting in Mexico.

6. “Ministering to the Hurting” - The Restore Committee

An invitation into the heart and vision of Restore Training: to understand and care for the marginalized, trafficked, and abused at home, in our community, and abroad.

7. “God Works Amidst Military Coups” - Lavon Slabaugh (SE Asia)

Throughout history, God has lifted up His Name above other gods. We will be looking at how God has once again exalted His Name above Buddha.

8. “The Privilege to Serve - Stories from the Field with Q&A” - Dan Tice (Spain)

It has been a humbling experience to serve in our setting. This session will not be recorded due to the sensitive content of some of the stories. We will attempt to share stories, try to answer your questions (probably with another story), and share some observations from our experience serving among several people groups.

9. “Community Outreach” – Joe Peachey (VA) and Dave Glick (PA)

Community Outreach is a “hands on” time of going into the local area to share the Gospel of Christ Jesus. After a brief orientation and prayer, we will divide into small groups as beggars who have found bread, to share the bread of life with others.

10. EBI Choir Rehearsal – Daniel Miller (IN)

All 2020-2021 EBI choir members present at Convention are welcomed to rehearse several numbers to be shared in the Saturday evening program.

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